Mobile Printing Primer #1: The Paper-Smart Office

Kids born the same year the paperless office was first predicted are old enough to be sending their kids off to college, but offices large and small are still buying paper and printers. We’ll never see the much-predicted paperless office, but we’ve reached the age of a “paper-smart” office: digital documents when and where they make sense, printed documents when they are needed.

Despite improvements in digital screens, it is easier on our eyes to read printed content than digital content. Besides eye and other health benefits, research has also found that comprehension is stronger by reading on printed paper than on a screen. According to a survey by Two Sides, 88 percent of respondents said that they understood, retained, or used information better when they read print on paper. Even millennials—digital natives—report that they prefer reading books on paper rather than on screen.

In fact, three out of every four employees considered mobile printing as important as printing from their desktop or laptop computers, according to a 2015 survey of enterprise mobile printing by IDC. An additional 15 percent of respondents considered mobile printing even more important than desktop printing. Over a third of them said they want to print from their mobile phones or tablets, but can’t.

As mobile devices become an increasingly important part of the workplace, and more companies are adopting “bring-your-own-device” policies, it has become a real challenge to address the need to print from mobile devices. Allowing employees to easily print from mobile devices promotes a productive and flexible work environment. However, implementing seamless and scalable mobile printing has been problematic. Until now, mobile printing solutions have involved juggling a mix of software and hardware choices that don’t function cohesively and that are not optimized for evolving client-side technology.

Choosing a complete software solution that provides easy, large-scale mobile printing is the way to go. Having single flexible and secure integrated mobile printing product also relieves headaches for today’s systems administrators. Just imagine having one tool for all your mobile printing that’s easy to deploy and works the same across iOS, OSX, Android, and Chrome platforms.

As the need for mobile printing grows, organizations will be faced with meeting on-the-go employee demands while finding a solution that easily integrates into their existing infrastructure and network. According to Technavio, global mobile printing will grow by 32.5 percent by 2019. Unfortunately, without flexible and scalable digital printing tools, organizations will have to deal with bottlenecked networks and frustrated employees.

This clear business need is why we at Collobos built Presto, an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage mobile printing solution that handles iOS, OS X, Google, and Chrome printing needs with a single secure, in-network architecture. A free trial version <link>, which gives you 40 days to test Presto in your environment, is available for download.

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