Doc Management and Easy Printing at East Haven Public Schools

East Haven Public Schools in Connecticut educates 5,500 students, preschool through high school, as well as an adult learning center. Since 2014, East Haven staff and students have been using Google Chromebooks to promote Common Core State Standards and technological literacy. Teachers are integrating technology into their students’ daily lives in order to foster problem-solving and collaboration, as well as to prepare students for future opportunities.
Printing their digital creations is obviously part of what East Haven’s students and teachers need to be able to do, but what should be easy proved difficult. For starters, Chromebooks do not natively support device drivers or printing through a standard network architecture. Google’s Cloud Print was an option, but port 5222 never seemed to work with the Google connector, leaving many printers unavailable when they were needed. This led to frequent printer backlogs and prevented teachers from providing paperwork for their students in a timely fashion.
Matthew Ullring, senior technology specialist at East Haven Public Schools, reached out to Collobos Software to set up a working mobile print system. Ullring was able to set Presto up quickly and seamlessly; all it required was a simple app installation. Presto helped Ullring make sure the East Haven printers were always available. Using Presto’s Rules Engine, Ullring found he had the high level of control that an administrator needs, controlling service discovery based on geolocation, groups, identity, and more. Presto delivered reliable printing, and Ullring said the Collobos team was easy to work with. “When there’s a problem they actually know how to fix it, unlike Google where they read from a script,” he added. The experience was so positive that East Haven Public Schools agreed to become a Collobos beta site. “We told them we’d be happy to help them out with testing in the production environment,” said Ullring.
When asked if he’s become a loyal Presto user, Ullring replied, “Without a doubt.” Presto has made it possible for East Haven Public Schools to simply and effectively manage document sharing and printing. Ullring can control media sharing throughout the East Haven district network, allowing a more efficient use of printer hardware. Furthermore, now that print services remain within the network path, he is able to keep school media more secure than it was in the Google cloud.

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