Mobile Printing Primer #4: Designing the Ideal Solution

While options for printing from mobile devices have been around for a while, true enterprise-ready mobile printing solutions have not. And those products that were on offer over-promised and under-delivered.

When designing our Presto software, we looked at all the mobile printing pain points and various user needs and mapped out our vision for the ideal solution. We started with a list of the qualities we knew an enterprise-ready mobile printing solution would have:

  • Provide easy workflow, permitting native printing from all client device platforms.
  • Have an in-network print path for security and compliance concerns.
  • Be client device–agnostic, working essentially the same across all client devices.
  • Be print hardware–agnostic.
  • Integrate well into both heterogeneous and homogenous device environments.
  • Hook into existing directory services.
  • Deployment would scale from a few users to the largest enterprise.
  • Be robust, intuitive, and easy to use.

We knew a comprehensive mobile printing solution should leverage the enterprise infrastructure by hooking into a site’s existing DNS infrastructure for service discovery. DNS scales exceptionally well and is robust. It also creates the foundational layer for all supported functionality. As a result, it’s easy to set up and manage, and is secure.

We also knew we would only bring a product to market when it supported multiple client devices with a uniform architecture, bringing the same toolkit to iOS, OSX, Android, and Chrome users, while minimizing the load on IT personnel. We were committed to providing true cross-platform continuity, rather than a mere promise of it, without headache, hassle, or compromising security. In July 2013 we brought Presto to market and have been upgrading the product, building in new functionality for the increasingly mobile enterprise. Presto 2.5 hit the streets in July 2016 with new capabilities.

With the right mobile printing system in place, your organization can enhance productivity while reducing stress on your network and employees. It really can be that easy. Start your free 40-day trial today.

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