The Death of RFID
 – Part 1

Two important anticipated updates coming in iOS 11
 may spell the end for RFID technologies used for print.

The roots of RFID technologies can be traced back to 1945 with the core commercial technology being developed in the 1970’s.

RFID For Print
For decades, print environments have leveraged employee issued RFID cards and 3rd party card readers as the mechanism to authenticate users to a printer/print station.  When supporting print, this also necessitated expensive embedded firmware that could only run on an expensive MFP. This can easily add an additional $1,000+ over the cost of a printer just to support pull printing for a single MFP or printer.

iOS 11
One very important change coming to iOS 11 is that Apple is allowing developers access to Core NFC, the framework that will allow apps to read Near Field Communication tags that are compatible with the NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF).  Simply put, developers are going to have access to the same NFC technologies used in ApplePay.

NFC Be Good
For companies and organizations that manage iOS and Android devices, the visible future includes eliminating RFID hardware and card readers throughout the physical organization, and replacing them with mobile devices and NFC.

Why We Care
We actively investigate the latest technologies so that we can reduce friction for you and your users.  Our software design choices have anticipated this move away from proprietary hardware to device based technologies.  Presto station is software based technology that does not require any additional hardware.  This eliminates complexity, product lock-in, and increases speed of deployment by orders of magnitude.

Check back next week for Part 2.


Collobos’ First to Market Solutions

2010 – 1st commercially available AirPrint® emulation software.

2013 – 1st commercially available uDNS AirPrint® implementation for Windows enterprise environments.

2015 – 1st cross-platform mobile print technology supporting the most popular operating systems.

2015 – 1st non-Google Cloud Print implementation for Chrome OS.

2017 – 1st pull printing solution deployable with printed QR codes or off the shelf tablets decoupling embedded firmware from hardware for pull printing. Secure release set-up now takes 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes completely eliminating the need for RFID card readers.

2017 – 1st Single Sign On implementation for mobile printing users.

2017 – 1st IT Admin management console optimized for mobile.

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