The Death of RFID – Part 2


A 2nd anticipated update coming in iOS 11
may be the beginning of the end for RFID in print.

See: Death of RFID – Part 1

For decades, print environments have leveraged employee issued RFID cards and third party card readers as the means to authenticate users for secure release/pull printing. The RFID hardware requires expensive embedded firmware that runs on an MFP.  A pull printing implementation can easily add an additional $1000+/per printer to support this basic functionality.

iOS 11 changes everything.
In iOS 11, it is anticipated that Apple will support native QR code scanning.  In the USA, QR codes have yet to truly take-off.  However in other parts of the world, QR codes are widely used.  Since iOS has now been around for a decade and Apple is just offering native support, they must be confident in the global demand for the feature.

Why this is awesome.
QR codes are widely used and understood.  More importantly, QR codes aren’t simply about popping open a web page; rather with a little ingenuity and some help from iOS 11, it is possible to create a phenomenal printing experience for iOS users with just a QR code.

Why we care.
Presto uses QR codes for Presto Station, our secure release/pull printing solution.  Presto Station is included in the price of the software and it eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and embedded firmware solutions.  Best of all, Presto Station turns any printer into a secure release station. Native support for QR codes means we can make this an even better experience for our users.


Collobos’ 1st to Market Solutions

2010 – 1st commercially available AirPrint® emulation software.

2013 – 1st commercially available uDNS AirPrint® implementation for Windows enterprise environments.

2015 – 1st cross-platform mobile print technology supporting the most popular operating systems.

2015 – 1st non-Google Cloud Print implementation for Chrome OS.

2017 – 1st pull printing solution deployable with printed QR codes or off the shelf tablets decoupling embedded firmware from hardware for pull printing. Secure release set-up now takes 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes completely eliminating the need for RFID card readers.

2017 – 1st Single Sign On implementation for mobile printing users.

2017 – 1st IT Admin management console optimized for mobile.

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