How to implement reliable printing for G Suite and Chrome

IT administrators must support and integrate the latest device technologies into their existing infrastructure.  When it comes to printing, this is especially challenging because it means integrating today’s tech with a 30-year-old legacy print infrastructure.

The Windows printing infrastructure, which is used by the vast majority of organizations, was designed and architected for a wired PC world long before the Internet, Wi-Fi, 802.1x, Chromebooks, G Suite, MacBooks, iOS devices and many of the other technologies you touch every day were conceived.  Today’s Managed Print Services solutions tend to be built around a manufacturer’s product line making it difficult to have a uniform approach.  This increases switching costs when considering incorporating solutions from other manufacturers.  Chromebooks and G Suite are, by necessity and often to their detriment, overlaid upon this legacy infrastructure, further complicating matters.

Cloud printing, by its very nature, can be unstable. The connection to the cloud travels through a wide array of network switches and routers, all of which can contribute to connectivity issues that are nearly impossible to diagnose.  This often manifests itself in ways that are all too familiar: printers are not found and print jobs do not complete.

Presto embraces both the new and the old, delivering infrastructure-agnostic technology.  Cradle to grave, it is not uncommon for an enterprise print solution to touch more than a half dozen products.  With Presto, IT Administrators can put a stake in the ground to stop system complexity creep.

Presto provides a toolkit to deliver consistently reliable and frustration-free printing to your Chromebook users:

  • Deploy to 20 or 20,000+ users in a few steps
  • Virtually no user on-boarding
  • Force install Presto App via G Suite Admin UI
  • Users print via the native Chrome dialog
  • The right printers to the right users with easy, rules-based management

Presto additionally supports:

  • MacBook printing (OSX)
  • iPad/iPhone (iOS)
  • All supported clients honor the rules uniformly
  • Centralized pull printing/secure release
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) via your 802.1x authenticated network

Presto is incredibly easy to set up.  Have a look…


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